Smoking weed has evolved well beyond the traditional pipe or joint. Now, a popular way to smoke cannabis flower is through a bong or water pipe. This is because when the smoke goes through water, it makes for a smoother, cooler, and less harsh smoking experience. But, smoking through water doesn’t come without any maintenance.

It is necessary to change the water in your bong regularly. Additionally, it is necessary to fully clean your bong regularly too. This is to ensure no harmful bacteria or mold builds up that could cause health problems in those that use it.

How often should I change my bong water?

Let’s start with how often you should change your bong water. Some prefer to change it after every use. This would be the best and safest practice. Even better, some professionals recommend also rinsing out your piece with boiling or hot water between uses. However, if you don’t change your water between every use, it is recommended to wait no longer than two to three days. This time varies depending on your climate, which is why changing the water after every use is the safest practice.

how often change bong water and clean bong
how often change bong water and clean bong

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How to Clean a Bong

In addition to regularly changing your bong water, you must consistently clean your piece because resin snd bacteria will build up on the inner walls. Deciding how often you need to clean your bong depends on how often you use it. Heavy users may prefer to fully clean their bong once or twice a week while lighter users may be able to wait a month until a full cleanse is necessary.

There are various cleaning methods to choose from. One of the most popular ways to clean a bong is by using isopropyl alcohol and salt. Follow these steps to clean your bong.

First, you will want to separate the bowl and down stem from the bong and put in separate resealable bags. You can essentially follow the same steps to clean both the bong, bowl, and down stem, but all separately.

Isopropyl Alcohol x Salt Bong Cleaning Method

Step 1: Pour in enough isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to fill the majority of your dab rig, leaving enough room for salt and some empty space.

Step 1.5 (Optional but helpful if very dirty): Let your bong sit for at least an hour with the isopropyl in it. This will help some of the resin buildups come off and loosen up before you continue cleaning.

Step 2: Put salt inside the bong. The amount is not very important, but at least a few big spoonfuls are necessary. Epsom (bath salts) or any thicker salts are preferred and work best, but any salt works.

Step 3: There are two options here. The best option is to throw your rig in a resealable bag and shake it. However, if you don’t have a bag, you can put your hands (or duct tape) over both holes of the bong and shake it. Just make sure to hold on tight, and be careful not to let go. The salt, alcohol, and friction work together to rub off all of the residue stuck inside the walls of the bong.

Step 4: Once the walls inside of your bong are looking clean and free of residue, pour out the alcohol and rinse with warm water. Rinse multiple times until you can no longer smell the alcohol and salt.

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