It’s Time for Silvertips Hockey!

Given the NFL’s overwhelming presence, when most people think about the fall season starting, their minds instinctively jump to football.

“You know what goes great with hockey? The energetic high of Top Shelf’s Blueberry Cheesecake.”

Now obviously, all the budtenders at KushMart are pulling for the Seahawks. But our regular customers also know that everyone at your favorite Everett pot shop is stoked for the start of Silvertips hockey! And since the team calls Xfinity Arena—located less than 15 minutes away from KushMart—home, catching some lightening-paced, exciting ice hockey action couldn’t be more convenient.

The Silvertips entered the Western Hockey League in back 2003, and the devoted local following they enjoy today was no doubt helped by the splash the young group made in its first games. At the end of their inaugural season, the Silvertips had captured Division and Conference titles, and broken records across the United States and Canada. The last two seasons have been winning ones for the team, and with two games already in the scorebook for 2017, the Silvertips are undefeated.

As any true pothead knows, watching sports and recreational marijuana go together like hot dogs and mustard. And while sometimes there’s nothing better than chilling out in front of the flat screen, if you haven’t experienced the insane energy of a hockey game in person, you should put it on your to-list for this winter. Television doesn’t truly capture the speed at which the players whip across the ice and check each other into the boards, and after seeing it up close, you’ll likely be back for more.

To make sure you and your crew get an as authentic experience as possible, we recommend getting seats right by the boards. Since the ticket prices for Silvertips games aren’t nearly as steep as they are for NHL events, with a little planning, prime spots are actually easy and affordable to score. Just try not to drop your munchies when an unlucky player gets slammed into the glass in front of you!

Head here to find out when you can catch the Silvertips at home at XFINITY Arena.

—Photos by Christopher Mast/Christopher Mast Images