Jocko Willink

Smash Your Day With Jocko Willink and Some Candyland From Sweet Water Farms

Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL commander and has turned into #1 New York Times best selling author, motivational speaker and successful podaster. He packages everything he learned from his time in the SEALs and rebrands it for normal folks like you and me.

There’s two main principles that all success can spawned from, “discipline equals freedom,” and “Extreme Ownership,” which is also the name of his book.  I’ll let him tell you what those these things mean in the videos below, but if you’re skeptical, just realize that if it works for a Navy SEAL Commander, it will work for anyone.

I suggest a few hits of Candyland from Sweet Water Farms. It will boost your mood and help you assess your priorities. Sometimes sativa strains can bring on bouts of paranoia, but I think you can harness that, and turn it into a productive session of self-reflection. I think cannabis shows us things about ourselves we don’t like, and that’s associated with being paranoid. A little paranoia never hurt anyone, now listen to Jocko and go get shit done.

Why Discipline Equals Freedom

Smash Days When You Don’t Want To

Jocko Willink Ted Talk on Extreme Ownership

 Find The Desire For Discipline

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