Joe Rogan

Get Fired Up and Motivated With Joe Rogan and the Rocket Fuel Strain

Joe Rogan is everywhere. He’s the unofficial voice of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC.) He’s one of the best stand up comedians in the world and his weekly podcasts are downloaded millions of times a month. On top of that, he’s become a full-fledged bow hunter and outdoors man and does all of these things while keeping a vigorous workout schedule and a full-time husband and father.

Rogan is a lightning rod for motivation. He has so many unique insights about life because he’s done so many difficult things. His podcast has helped me so much in my life, I truly believe what he says is comparable to cheat codes for reality. I’m not saying you should listen to hundreds of hours of his podcast like I have, but it’s hard to watch these videos and not get fired up to become the best version of you.

If you need a little canna-courage to get you through the rest of your day, I suggest the Rocket Fuel strain from Lifted Cannabis. It’s a introspective indica hybrid that will help you assess things about yourself you’d like to work on. Cannabis has helped me with self reflection throughout the years.

Joe Rogan Wants You To Be The Hero of Your Own Story

Joe Rogan on Balance

Joe Rogan on Happiness

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