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July Top Products | High Altitude, Clandestine Gardens and Fireline Cannabis

Where did the sun run off to? It’s July, and here in Washington State we’re all still waiting for a taste of summer. But while activities like boating, hiking, swimming, or watching the sun slip behind the Sound are all made difficult by rain and wind, nothing stops a Pacific Northwest stoner!

This month, light up one of KushMart’s top flower products to bring a little light back into your life.

july top products high altitude kushmart

The Truth – High Altitude

A strain this purple is well worth mentioning twice in a row! The Truth by High Altitude has hints of lavender reminiscent of the flowers blooming in the Cascades. This uncommon indica-dominant hybrid is best suited for a late night smoke session or a moment of post-workout bliss. Notes of clove and spice are prominent in the aroma of this heavy kush. 

july top products clandestine gardens kushmart

ATF – Clandestine Gardens

Good old ATF; the name says it all! These sticky buds pack a punch of THC that feels like lightning running through your veins. Tested at 23%, this trichome-studded batch was adorned with dark and light amber pistols. As does every other Clandestine package, this one comes with a rad sticker. Each sticker is a characterization of the strain—in the case of ATF, it’s an outraged bear hovering over a startled man wielding a rifle. Choose your sticker placement wisely and show off your appreciation of Clandestine products.


july top products fireline kushmart

Pearl Scout Cookies – Fireline Cannabis

Which dense strain has hints of honey and tobacco, euphoric effects and can only be found in Washington State? Pearl Scout Cookies, of course! PSC was bred and is exclusively grown currently by Fireline Cannabis. This Girl Scout Cookies hybrid carries hints of an unknown sativa-dominant parent. The compact flowers create a rich scent and full-bodied smoke.

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