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Grab some Panda OG before you read this review. It’s a sativa hybrid that will help you decide if this Justice League review is enough to get you into the theatre.

Black Nerd Comedy’s Justice League Review

KushMart’s Justice League Review

The Justice League gets right into it. This movie takes place after the events of “Dawn of Justice.” Alien invaders realize Superman’s absence leaves earth ripe for attack. Batman, being partially responsible for Superman’s demise, sets out to right the wrong by assembling a team of heroes to defend the earth.

The pacing is incredible, there’s no wasted time. There’s no back stories or flashbacks, just assemble a team and kick ass. Justice League is the shortest running DCU film to date and it’s a major reason why this movie kicks ass. Two hours should be all the time you need to make a great film.

Each character has their strengths and weaknesses displayed which makes them great and vulnerable at the same time. They accomplish individual feats while making up for each other’s flaws and saving each other throughout the film. Superman is obviously the strongest, but the film still gives you the sense that the team is needed to destroy the villain. The final battle is one of my favorite climax sequences in the superhero genre to date.

Jason Momoa as Aqua Man is just right. Nobody could have made that character cooler than he does. Aqua Man is the weakest member of the league, no more!

Some of the writing is shit. Period. A few one-liners miss their mark and Lois Lane’s dialogue sucks. I actually cringed during her scenes. She seems like the most boring Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist that’s ever existed. I’m a journalist and she’s a boring representation of the job. Her character is important for the plot, but her scenes were bleh.

How well this movie was made. After Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice bombed and left the fans jaded (me included,) I was skeptical they could put these characters together on film and make it work. Simply put, they did it. The focus is on the team and no hero overshadows the other. I did not expect to be this won over.

Some of the writing in this movie was awful but other than that I really didn’t have any complaints. The CGI , music, acting, plot, pacing, and cinematography are all on point. DC and Warner Bros. finally got out of their own way and let their characters carry the film.

I give Justice League a 8/10. 

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