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A Real SPOILER FILLED Justice League Review: DC & WB Finally Get Out of Their Own Way

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All the media campaigns and hype machines can’t save you from critics and fans. The final veil is pulled back and a film’s true nature is displayed. Justice League has has an interesting and rough ride to its release. It had to tread in the choppy, and poorly laid tracks of Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman straighten the track a bit, but wasn’t enough to solely convince me Justice League wouldn’t suck.

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The movie kicks off with Batman investigating a mysterious signal in Gotham City. He comes across an alien demon bug, and after a high flying fight scene that is awesomely reminiscent of the Batman Arkham video game series, he knows the time has finally come to assemble a team to defend the planet. Super Man’s absence since the end of Dawn of Justice has left the planet void of a defender. In this absence, an evil, intergalactic conqueror, Steppenwolf is returning to plunge the Earth into his personal war plagued hell-scape. He commands an army of demon bugs that feed off fear. Since Superman has been absent, the entire planet is scared.

The film gets right into it. This is the shortest DCU movie to date and it’s a large reason for its success. The pacing is fast and exciting. You’re introduced to every League member within the first 45 minutes of the movie or so.  Steppenwolf’s attack on earth forces these individuals to join forces together as a team. This movie didn’t waste any time with Cyborg, Aqua Man and the Flash’s backstory. This is what Suicide Squad suffered most from, too much backstory left a scattered plot and choppy pacing. Justice League gives you enough context clues within the dialogue to figure out who each hero is.

Before they can stop Steppenwolf, Superman has to be brought back to life. (He was killed at the end of Dawn of Justice.) They use the same technology that brought Cyborg to life to bring Superman back from death. They were successful, but Superman isn’t normal after his resurrection and attacks the league out of confusion. Batman suspected this might happen and has Lois Lane on stand bye to bring him back to his senses.

Superman flies away with Lois, leaving the league to wonder if he’s even going to help at all. Superman flies to his childhood home and memories flood his mind and remind him of his importance to the people of earth. Lois Lane is the worst part of this movie, not because of her character, but because of her dialogue. Just a sea of cliches, even her narration during the movies outro was painfully cheesy.

All six league members are here and now its time to get to the final battle which is the best climax the DCU has put together. Each heroes abilities and personality are on full display during the battle. Cyborg is stoic and noble. Aqua Man is bold, braggadocios and one helluva fighter. Wonder Woman continues to be the baddest woman on the screen (it’s a term of endearment, relax) and Batman is weathered and determined. Superman does Superman shit. The Flash’s scenes are visually some of the best in the movie.

What I liked most about watching these heroes together is, you get a strong sense of each character’s strengths and weaknesses. Batman gets his ass kicked in straight up fights against aliens, so he’s forced to use his gadgets and strategy to get the best of his opponents. The Flash is powerful but inexperienced and trips over his own feet. He has to be saved by the team a few times. Aqua Man is a talented warrior, but overconfident at times.  Wonder Woman is too noble and scraps the initial plan to save a league member. A highlight of this fight is Wonder Woman and Aqua Man’s tag team beat down on Steppenwolf. They absolutely crush it at the end. This scene had me so hyped. I wanted to stand up in the theatre and cheer. Holy twirling trident Batman, was this fight scene epic. Steppenwolf’s demise is one of my favorite villain deaths I’ve ever seen. Steppenwolf begins to fear the Justice League when they fight him together. The fear is so overwhelming that his own demon army turns on him and rips him to shreds. It was incredibly satisfying to watch.

The film wraps up with Bruce Wayne scouting out a location for the Justice League HQ, with a mention of extra chairs at the table for future members. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the post-credit scene features Lex Luthor and Deathstroke (famous Batman antagonist,) teasing the formation of the League of Doom.

With good and evil scouting free agents for their respective superteams, it’s clear the DCU has big plans going forward. I believe this movie is will propel the DCU into successful waters and now has some steam to compete with the MCU. Some of the writing in this movie was awful, but other than that I really didn’t have any complaints. The CGI, music, acting, plot, pacing, and cinematography are all on point. DC and Warner Bros. finally got out of their own way and let their characters carry the film. I give Justice League a must see 8/10.

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