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Listen To The Justice League Soundtrack With Exotic Cookies Dabs From Refine

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 To say Warner Brothers’ is off to a rocky start with the DC Comics Cinematic Universe (DCU,) might be an understatement. “The Man of Steel” wasn’t terrible. It was followed up by “Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad.” Both weren’t received well by critics or audiences and that’s putting it nicely, most people loathed those last two movies and I was one of them, especially Suicide Squad. It wasn’t until “Wonder Woman” that people had some faith that Warner Brothers could make a proper superhero film. It was a box office smash, and it was so good that Wonder Woman got added screen time in Justice League.

Well, it’s the week of the Justice League release and I’m still not sure if I’m that excited to see the film. After being completely let down two of the last three times I’ve gone to see a DCU film, it’s hard to get excited. Then I was cruising through my Apple Music today and the Justice League soundtrack was recommended. I saw it was written and composed by Danny Elfman and almost dropped my phone out of excitement.

If you don’t know who Danny Elfman is you’re about to be educated. He’s the brilliant mind behind some of the most memorable soundtracks in the cinema history: Batman, Batman the Animated Series, Nightmare Before Christmas, Good Will Hunting, and Beetlejuice.

Before I turned the album on, I decided to take some Exotic Cookie dabs from Refine. Refine hasn’t disappointed me yet. This strain is a balanced hybrid that has an overwhelming pine scent. A sweet pine taste was followed by a high that weighed my eyes down. Then a relaxing body high with a subtle brain buzz settled as I pushed play.

Each hero has their own music, Batman’s was especially awesome for me because it’a remix of Elfman’s original Batman score back when good ol’ Michael Keaton dawned the cape and cowl. Every theme is blended together at the end in “The Final Battle.” This is the climax of the album, it winds down after and levels off into a calming credit sequence.

This soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. Elfman’s composing is top notch. It takes you on an audible adventure through the world of the Justice League. You can almost picture the flow of the movie in your head as this soundtrack plays out over an hour and 40 minutes. Elfman uses influences from his past films as well as previous Justice League scores to craft something that stands by itself, independent of the film it was made for. Even if Justice League ends up sucking, I could still return to this for another listen.

On top of the soundtrack, Junkie XL and Gary Clark Jr. collaborated on a single. It’s a remake of The Beatles “Come Together.” Gary Clark Jr. has a unique sound and feel to the way he plays guitar. It’s a soulful grime that makes your face bunch up like you just cut up a bushel of ripe onions. I dare say, this is one of the few remakes that’s better than the original. Yeah, I said it. Gary Clark Jr. has something to say about it.

Pairing the Justice League soundtrack with Refine’s Exotic Cookies might’ve been the push I needed to get me into the theatre. It’s inspiring from beginning to end, some of Elfman’s best work to date.

Justice League soundtrack

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