Kona Kush

A Real Review of Captain Chronic’s Kona Kush

Kona Kush is a Kush lover’s delight from Captain Chronic. A lesser known strain on the market, but coming from Captain Chronic you can rely on the quality.

I couldn’t find any information regarding genetics. Typing in Kona Kush and the Kona Gold is the strain that pops up. The flower smelt like fresh ground pepper and herbs. The flower has a large and fluffy grow structure. The trichomes sparkled nicely off my camera flash. Kona Kush tasted much like the aroma, earthy pepper and hints of herbs.

Kona Kush hits like an indica, with a strong thump in your body. It shifts into a subtle focus and fairly heavy head high. I would throw this strain in the hybrid category but it leans in the sativa direction. Smoking a few bowls there was no comedown-cliff and the focus remained steady.


Kona Kush

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 22.64%
  • Total CBD: 0.09%

Kona Kush Overview

  •  Hybrid
  • Genetics: My guess is Kona Gold crossed with some kind of OG Kush phenotype, but I can’t confirm that.
  • Aromatics: Fresh herbs and pepper.
  • Flavor: Earthy and pepper.

Kona Kush

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