A $250 Flower Spending Guide For Kushmart

A $250 Flower Spending Guide For Kushmart

The KushKrew sifted through KushMart’s menu and put together a $250 spending guide to help you get the best combination of quality and quantity. The guide consists of a half-ounce from Clandestine Gardens, a half-ounce from Moji Gardens, and an eighth from Lilac City Gardens.

Kaplan Kosher – Clandestine Gardens – 14 grams for $120

Kaplan Kosher is a three-way cross between Kosher Kush, L.A. Confidential, and OG Kush. It’s a piney citrus indica that will leave you sleepy and euphoric, according to Leafly.


Mini Buds from Moji Gardens, 14 grams from $65-$85

Moji Gardens has several strain options in their line of mini buds. Mini buds are the flowers that aren’t big enough to make it into the regular ounces. Mini buds don’t have the eye quality of their top-shelf counterparts, but all the smokeability you can ask for. You also get a choice of strains: Sunset Sherbet is a flavorful indica-hybrid. Animal Cookies is a potent earthy hybrid. Cookies and Cream is a creamy relaxing hybrid.


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Silvertip from Lilac City Gardens, 3.5 grams for $45

This is a hyper-hybrid that is a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Super Silver Haze, according to Allbud.  This flower has berries, pine and fuel aromatics. The genetics create a mix of powerful body and cerebral effects that most cannabis lovers will enjoy.

KushMart opened in November 2014 and has been a top-ranked recreational pot shop since day 1. We’re located at 6309 Evergreen Way STE C minutes off of Interstate 5. With ample parking, you will be in and out in no time and with our amazing selection and best prices you will have a smile on your face.