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Summer won’t officially be over until September 23rd, though if you’ve looked outside lately, and you might think Mother Nature is running ahead of schedule this year.

So while summer might be all about fun in the sun, autumn is definitely a time to start hunkering down for the winter, making it the perfect time to Netflix and chill. Obviously, KushMart’s friendly budtenders will always have plenty of great recommendations about flower, edibles, and extracts. But given how couch-locked we’ve become on occasion, it probably won’t surprise you we also have some great suggestions about what to check out on Netflix.

With enough cannabis product, a reliable internet connection, and these series, you won’t care if the world outside your front door suddenly turned into Siberia.


Stranger Things

OK, if you really haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, you better have had one hell of a summer, with years worth of stories about backpacking through uncharted rainforest to back it up. Because this ’80s nostalgia fest—best described as a Steven Spielberg/Stephen King mashup—is off-the-charts awesome. The story is delightfully creepy, and the gang of kids recalls the Goonies, meaning anyone familiar Reagan-era pop culture will have a total nerdgasm.



You might be skeptical if someone told you the story detailing the rise of Pablo Escobar’s Medellín Cartel showcased a softer, more sympathetic side of the notorious cocaine kingpin. And rightly so, because there’s nothing cuddly about the cartel. But Narcos is a dark, fascinating portrait of a multi-billion-dollar industry so vicious it makes a battlefield look like a ballroom. If you enjoyed Scarface, you’ll be down a rabbit hole on this show immediately.



Before Ben Affleck was being critically panned for his portrayal of Batman, he was actually being panned for his portrayal of another famous superhero, Marvel’s Daredevil. So before Netflix agreed to run with this series, the comic book giant had to demonstrate there was enough meat to make this story about a blind crime fighter protecting New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, and the writers hit it out of the park. There’s action, suspense, humanity. Perfect binge material.


The Get Down

Another original Netflix series, The Get Down is poised to be the fall’s breakout hit. And for fans of hip hop, this sprawling, cinematic tale about the humble, gritty origins of what would eventually become the most popular music in the United States is hypnotic viewing. Predictably, the soundtrack is amazing, and it’ll have plenty of vinyl fans digging into their crates to go back and revisit some of the classics. There’s also enough weed smoking to give you a contact high.


Orphan Black

What would you do if you discovered that you were a clone, and every copy of you is being systematically exterminated? That’s essentially the plot of the BBC’s Orphan Black, which follows street-wise grifter Sarah Manning as she attempts to unravel the question of where she came from, what her purpose is, and most importantly, who or what is attempting to wipe out her brethren. Fair warning, this does require you use something called a “DVD.” But it’s worth it.

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