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KushMart’s Guide to Santa’s Favorite Cookies

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It’s Christmas time, and you’ve got a Jolly Old Elf headed down the chimney in a few short weeks. Now, we know the man is famous for his love of treats, but this year instead of the standard cookies you leave out with milk, why not try one of these “cookie” varieties found at Everett’s best marijuana shop, KushMart.KushMart's Guide to Santa's Favorite Cookies

Seriously, can we be more clear here — forget the candy canes! What could be sweeter than an eighth of Pink Cookies from Northwest Cannabis Solutions with 25.4% THC? Next time you’re looking for weed near Everett, the friendly budtenders at KushMart have you covered, with $12 grams and $40 3.5 grams.

There won’t be a crumb left behind if you leave Santa a big bowl of Animal Cookies #1 from Doc&Crook. This strain is holiday perfection with its frosty green buds tipped with purple creating a full body high- perfect for a certain full bodied gentleman;). It’s got a 19.9% THC count is a bargain at  $10 for 1g or $30 3.5g.

KushMart's Guide to Santa's Favorite Cookies

There is no disputing Santa is an OG, so he may need something a little stronger than your average elf to get him through the holiday season. It’s a good thing Everett KushMart stocks White Girl Scout Cookies LR (Flying Pig) by Svin Garden, a concentrate  with a whopping 69.9% THC count a little (0.4%) CBD for a body buzz ($50-1g).

If you consider yourself a traditionalist, don’t worry KushMart Everett has the best edibles around. Obviously, Mr. Claus enjoys a cookie or two and KushMart stocks the perfect brand — Winterlife Cannabis Cookies.  You can get them in Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter or Strawberry in 10mg quantities for $5 or 90mgs for $30.

Any of those fantastic recreational cannabis products will get Santa high enough to reach his sleigh having to bother with climbing the chimney. And trust the friendly budtenders at KushMart: Leaving out a selection of these potent babies is sure to get your name permanently etched in on the “nice” list.

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