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July 10th became the stoner hash holiday when the term 710 started to be used in the concentrate community in the same way 420 is used in the greater cannabis community. When looked at upside down 710 appears to look like the word OIL, and so the association was born. At KushMart, we have all the concentrates you need – and then some! Visit us this month to pick up one of our three wax recommendations.

top three wax recommendations kushmart 710 concentrates oil extracts fireline orange crush shatter

Orange Crush Shatter – Fireline

Orange you going to try Fireline? This Orange Crush Shatter is well-dubbed; the dense translucent material is a brilliant tangerine hue. The texture suggests that it must be brittle and therefore can be enjoyed at slightly higher temperatures. For those who tend to accidentally store their concentrates in places with slight warmth (i.e. a windowsill or counter exposed to light) a higher viscosity extract like this one will take longer to break down in composition and will better hold integrity in flavor and effects.

top three wax recommendations kushmart grape ape artizen cannabis washington state i 502 concentrates 710

Artizen – Grape Ape

Artizen uses naturally acquired pest prevention and strives for perfection – all the way down to their watering temperatures. We’ve all heard of Grape Ape but what is it, really? The signature grape taste and musky smell come from parent strains Mendocino Purps and Skunk #1. Afghani is the third parent and promotes strong physical effects. This full Indica is a crumble – perfect to dab or as a fun bonus to anything rolled. Stop by KushMart this month to grab this pot o’ gold.

top three wax recommendations honu cannabis washington state i 502 dutch treat turtle terps concentrates extracts kushmart 710

Dutch Treat Turtle Terps – Honu

The robust blend of flavors in this batch of Turtle Terps will have you craving more in no time. Honu means sea turtle in Hawaiian, and was chosen as a name for this cannabis company because of everything the creature embodies: peace, luck, spirit and more. The Dutch Treat is a Butane Hash Oil containing over 72% THC. This concentrate should be consumed ideally as a low-temperature dab, and has a remarkably workable consistency.

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