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Leafly Names Sherbet the Flavor of The Year

When you see the name Sherbet, you might think it’s part of the Cookies family, but it’s not. Sunset Sherbert is a Cookies strain but Gabriel’s Rainbow Sherbet is more like a Kush. The parents are Champagne and Blackberry, and it was selected as Leafly’s 2017 Flavor of the Year.

Opening the jar, the scent didn’t hit me right away.  I got a refreshing icy smell with hints of creamy berries, like sorbet or ice cream. It’s like the faint smell of a Baskin Robins as it clings to your shirt long after you’ve left.


These flowers are impeccable and have a fluffy, large grow structure. The base layer of leaves are green with a middle layer is a dark camouflage pattern green. The tips are frosted purple and the hairs are fiery orange.

This strain packs a sedative punch. It smacked me in the chest and spread through my body. Sherbet had potent qualities, time seems to slow down. I didn’t get sleepy but was in the most chill of moods. My fingers slowed as I finished to type this review. This strain was a beautiful nightcap, a great pairing with tea by the fire as I chopped it up with my roommates long into the night.

Sherbet Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 20%
  • Total CBD: 0.5%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 23%
  • Indica-hybrid
  • Leafly’s 2017 Flavor of the Year.
  • Genetics: Champagne crossed with Blackberry.
  • Aromatics: Subtly sweet berry sorbet.
  • Flavor: A fresh and earthy kush.


Where To Find Rainbow Sherbet


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