Legit premium infused joints

Have You Tried Legit Premium Infused Joints? A Potent Little Package

Legit Canna Co. offers some of the most potent joints on the market. Legit premium infused joints aren’t flavored with artificial flavors and feature trimmed flower. They pack 0.75 grams of flower with bubble-hash and shatter. Expect a strong kush taste with hints of strawberry terpenes courtesy of the Strawberry Cough genetics. The bubble hash and shatter combo creates a unique numbing sensation to your tongue and lips.

This little joint packs a punch, expect the high to come on quick, you might wanna hold on to something. The high is a strong sativa hybrid. The high starts in the  body but is concentrated right behind the eyes, flooding your brain in creative and euphoric waves.  Expect the high from this to last for hours.

These products are STRONG. We absolutely recommend this for veteran cannabis consumers. Or share it with a group to make sure you don’t overdo it, but a single puff or two might do the trick.


Legit premium infused joint

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: Fire Alien Strawberry + Bubble Hash + Two Blue Shatter= 84.21%

Terpenes Detected

  • Total: 7.7% (Bubble Hash)

Legit Premium Infused Joints Overview


  • A sativa leaning hybrid
  • Genetics: Strawberry Cough crossed with Fire Alien Kush
  • Aromatics: Spicy strawberries.
  • Flavor: Strong kush with berry notes.

Legit premium infused joint

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