Best Way To Spend $50: PreRolls and Harmony Farms

Every Friday, KushMart is going to be focusing on different ways you can spend money in the store. If you got a 50 dollar bill burning a hole in your pocket, we suggest Legit Premium Infused Joints and Harmony Farms. 

AK-47- Harmony Farms- $10 1 gram

Ak-47 is a classic hybrid strain. It’s a mellow sativa that you can find in almost any store in the state. Harmony Farms jars always stick out on the shelf, they have unique artwork for each strain.

“While AK-47’s scent is sour and earthy, its sweet floral notes can only be fully realized in the taste” -Leafly

Gold Premium Infused Joint- Legit- $13

Legit is a company that focuses solely on the best pre-roll joints. Rolled with full flower and nothing less, their premium version also contain a bubble-hash and shatter infusion. The hash has 7.7% terpenes detected and the shatter is over 80 percent THC. This is a product that will get the entire circle higher than the moon. For $13 you get 0.75 grams of flower, bubble-hash and shatter. Legit’s gram-for-gram potency makes it one of the best bargains in the store.

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