Marvel's Defenders

Dab Oleum Sugar Resin, Watch Marvel’s Defenders

Marvel just dropped the long awaited Avengers Infinity War trailer. It was epic to say the least, but we have to wait till sometime in 2018 to finally see it. There’s still a bevy a fantastic Marvel content to consume while you eagerly wait for Thanos to make his silver screen appearance. Right now I’m in the middle of Marvel’s Defenders and it’s becoming one of my favorite shows Marvel has made.

Marvel’s Defenders brings four lesser known marvel heroes together to save New York City from an evil organization called “The Hand.” Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist put aside their differences to fight along side each other to save the world.

Marvel’s Defenders is extremely well done. Netflix has done a great job of letting Marvel bring a gritty edge to their cinematic universe. Try some of Oleum’s sugar resin to help you settle in for your binge watch session. One of my favorites I’ve tried recently is their Kimbo Fire. If you can’t find that strain, I recommend Kush Master or Durban Poision if you like sativas. Sugar resin is easy to handle, taste great and always has a potent high.

Marvel’s Defenders Trailer

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