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KushKrew NFL Kickoff 2018 Cannabis Strain Recommendations

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No more meaningless football. The regular season begins tomorrow when the Eagles take on the Falcons. Regardless of who’s playing, it’s just good to see two teams hitting and competing. KushMart has a list of NFL Kickoff 2018 cannabis recommendations.

NFL Kickoff 2018 Strain Recommendations

Dutch Treat

This is a classic sativa strain that will lock you in all game long. This strain reeks of terpinolene, a terpene that has distinct haze, pine, and floral aromas. Dutch Haze provides a racy, intense head high. This strain is a Washington favorite and is available from numerous farms. Sky Standard Gardens, Subdued Excitement, Northwest Grown, and Svin Gardens.

Cherry Pie

Maybe you’re an Eagles fan who’s a bit too excited and you’re looking to calm your nerves. Cherry Pie is an indica-hybrid strain. The Grandaddy Purple genes will relax you to your bone, while the Durban Poison makes sure you don’t fall asleep during half-time.

LeafWerx Vape Carts

Vape cartridges give you the opportunity to puff all game long without disturbing anyone else’s kickoff experience. LearWerx has a vape cart for every occasion. However you want to feel when you’re watching the game; chillin, vibin’ or goin,” LeafWerx has a strain-specific vape cart for you.

Leira Cannarillo

If you want to take your Kickoff party to the next level, Leira’s the only way to go. This cannarillo features four grams of Gold Leaf Gardens flower and 0.5 grams of Polar Icetracts solventless hash rosin. They’re all natural and handcrafted from the inside-out. Cannarillo’s will burn for up to an hour.

KushKrew NFL Kickoff 2018 Cannabis Strain Recommendations

Northwest Grown

Northwest Grown is one of the better budget brands at the store. They grow pesticide-free flower and offer sativa strains like Dutch Treat and Super Silver Haze that are good choices to keep you and awake for the game.

Gorge Gold Concentrates

Gorge Gold specializes in sun-grown cannabis that is blasted into beautiful cannabis concentrates. Gorge Gold teams up with concentrate brands like Xtracted Labs and Subdued Excitement. These collaborations have produced amazing solvent-based and solventless concentrates. Their AK-47 is one of their favorites right now. AK-47 is a sativa-leaning hybrid.


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