NFL week 10

NFL Week 10 Highlight Round Up With Sweet Water Farms’ Royal Kush

I’ve been a proponent all season long of the quality of football we were seeing, I think that’s true. However, in NFL week 10  things got boring. Blow outs, penalties, referees and coaches alike making questionable decisions, and many teams playing down to their competition. It was rough to get through at times, so I rolled up a gram of Sweet Water Farms’ Royal Kush to power through the afternoon games. This is a nice indica hybrid with a classic indica high with nice waves of euphoria stayed in my ears and made the sounds of the game loud and vibrant. The hits were thunderous and the touchdown calls got me out of my seat more than once.

NFL Week 10 Highlights

Seahawks versus Cardinals

Saints versus Bills

Bears versus Packers

Browns versus Lions

Steelers versus Colts

Chargers versus Jaguars

Jets versus Buccaneers

Bengals versus Titans

Vikings versus Redskins

Texans versus Rams

Cowboys versus Falcons

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