NFL week 15

NFL Week 11 Dope Play Round up With Candy Cookies Sauce

There isn’t much better than taking a dab of some candy cookies sauce and watching football. The honey and cedar flavor will coat your throat and warm your senses as the days get shorter and colder. This hybrid is perfect to wind down with in front of the fire place with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Watch the best plays from NFL week 11. Thielen and Doctson are becoming repeat offenders on the dopest play round up. Roger-Lewis makes a catch of the year candidate and Tyrod tells his coaching staff “I told you so.”

NFL Week 11 Dopest Plays

Alvin Kamara bobbles the ball and still scores.

Adam Theilen turns up the sideline and outruns the Rams to the end zone. 

Josh Doctson makes these insane catches routinely. 

Nathan Who? 

Roger-Lewis makes the best catch of the week to win the game for the Giants. 

A.J. Green makes incredible adjustment in the end zone for the score. 

Flacco drops a dime into the arm of Mike Wallace for six. 

Brandon Cooks scorches the Raider defense. 


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