NFL Week 12 Dope Play Round Up With Oleum Extracts Kimbo Fire Sugar Resin

There’s a ton of sugar this, sugar that dabs on the market. Some are good and some are trash. If I’m not feeling adventurous, Oleum Extracts sugar resin is my go-to dab. KushMart always carries multiple strains so you can find the perfect dab for any time of day. The Kimbo Fire caught my eye this time. The late Kimbo Slice became a YouTube sensation by turning in some legendary backyard knockouts. Eventually, he turned into one of the most popular professional cage fighters in the history of the sport. Kimbo Kush is the strain named after the Kimbo Slice, and I assume it’s half of the genetics in the Kimbo Fire. There isn’t much information on it.

NFL Week 12 Dopest Plays

Keenan Allen runs through the entire Cowboy defense. 

Watch the Ravens punter throw a dime on a fake punt.

Buck Allen gets a giant sized push into the end zone. 

Julio Jones dominates the Buccaneer defense for 253 yards.

Antonio Brown is simply the best.

Alvin Kamara is a weapon in this Saints offense. 

That double-move though. 

Kupp shows off great feet and body control. 

A rare wide-receiver to wide-receiver touchdown pass. 


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