Rosin Dabs x The NFL Week 16 Dopest Plays

Rosin doesn’t take up much concentrate shelf space, but it’s one of the best concentrate types on the market. Rosin is extracted through a solvent-less extraction process involving heat and pressure. The high is closer to flower than other concentrates, but the terpenes shine through like you’d expect from expertly extracted concentrate.  Take a few dabs and watch some football, week 16 featured some of the best catches of the 2017 season.

NFL Week 16 Dopest Plays

Deandre Hopkins is other-worldly.

Cooper Kupp continues to dominate in the red-zone.

Jared Goff has a top 3 QB day.

Cam Newton continues his late season surge. 

Marshon Lattimore and the butt interception. 

Gronk makes a beautiful one handed catch for a touchdown. 

Gurley goes for 80 in Tennessee.

Todd Gurley stakes his claim for MVP after 276 total yards against Tennessee. 

Amari Cooper with the double move. 

Old man Fitz keep making plays. 

Coleman jumps into the Salvation Army pot after game sealing pick-six. 


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