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NFL Week 7 Dopest Plays Round Up With Refine’s Purple Kush Loud Resin

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What’s better than spending Sunday watching football and taking a few dabs? Not much. As NFL week 7 is well past the half way point, I fired up the torch to enjoy another dab of Refine’s Purple Kush loud resin. Purple Kush is a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghan, per Leafly. Burnwell provided the flower for this batch of Purple Kush,  which is a classic sedative indica that definitely gave me a case of Lazy Boy lock. If I wasn’t sipping on a cup of coffee I might have drifted off until the Sunday night game started.

Refine’s Purple Kush loud resin taste like sweet diesel to me. It has a light sweetness that tinges your nose. This strain is seriously heavy, don’t be fooled by the sub-70 percent cannabinoid numbers. These dabs are best kept for the night time, but as NFL week 7 draws to a close, I just lost four straight fantasy football games, so give me the sleepy juice.

NFL week 7

Don’t Miss These Dope Plays From NFL Week 7

Jared Goff lowers his shoulder and finds the zone.

RUN-CMC makes the coolest 3-yard catch you’ll ever see. 

Mike Evans with some “toe drag swag.

We have a Julius Thomas sighting.

Todd Gurley does Todd Gurley things. 

Eddie Jackson scoops a fumble and finds the zone.

Eddie Jackson with a 75-yard pick six; second TD of the day.

Zeke goes up the sideline and back inside for 72-yards and a TD.




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