NFL week 9

NFL Week 9 Highlight Round Up With Sugar Wax Dabs

Sugar wax is might be the most balanced cannabis solvent on shelves. It looks good, expresses strong terpene profiles well and sticks to your dab tool with no problem. Many brands are extracting great sugar wax: Mantis, Oleum, and GreenRush are just a few of the brands that have it. Each one is a slightly different feel, some more wet, others drier. The beauty of this solvent is you get a supremely concentrated terpene expression. These dabs are almost as nice as the Eagles and Rams offenses , almost. Enjoy NFL week 9 highlights while you’re dabbing some of Washington’s finest sugar.

NFL week 9


NFL Week 9 Highlights

Bills versus Jets

Falcons versus Panthers

Texans versus Colts

Bengals versus Jaguars

Buccaneers versus Saints

Rams versus Giants

Broncos versus Eagles

Ravens versus Titans

Cardinals versus 49’ers

Redskins versus Seahawks

Chiefs versus Cowboys

Raiders versus Dolphins


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