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KushMart’s 2017 NFL Offensive Player awards look at every player position and picks a few of best. It’s a team game after all and every position gets props for a season of work. We’ve watched a lot of highlights this year, and these are the guys that deserved some shine for their play. Most of these players are on playoff teams, but not being in doesn’t exclude you,  but it seems only fair that the teams that make it to the post season get the most attention during the post season.

*Players on injured reserve were omitted from the list.

Offensive Player Awards


Tom Brady, Jared Goff, Case Keenum

Tom Brady will be on this list until he dies. Dude is 40 and still throwing ropes over defensive backs half his age. He finished the year in top 5 of every important passing stat in the league and lead the Patriots to another AFC East championship.

Jared Goff was basically left for dead at the end of the 2016 season. Enter Sean McVay and Goff became one of the most consistent players in the league and lead to Rams as the best offensive unit of 2017.

Case Keenum was the third quarterback on the depth chart in 2016. In 2017, he didn’t have the stats Goff and Brady had, but he played lights out. He made good decisions all year and constantly drove this team for long drives against good defenses and crushed bad defenses. Keenum did everything asked of a franchise quarterback in 2017.

Running Backs

Todd Gurley, Le’veon Bell, Kareem Hunt

Todd Gurley had over 2000 total yards and absolutely smashed defensive back fields all year long. He had over 70 percent of his teams offense was the focal point of a potent Rams offensive attack.

Le’veon Bell is does it all for the Steelers. Another 1200 yard season to his stat sheet, another season of defenders looking silly. Even the bitterest Steeler’s haters can find joy in the way this dude runs the ball.

Kareem Hunt stole the heart of the league after his first month of play. He burst onto the scene with three straight 200 all- purpose-yard games early in the season and parlayed that momentum into an NFL rushing title.

Tight Ends

Kyle Rudolph, Travis Kelce

Kyle Rudolph is one of the most complete tight ends in football and the best red zone threat for the Minnesota Vikings. He isn’t a big yardage guy, but his impact for this team is immense.

Travis Kelce is the big yardage guy. This guy easily surpassed Gronk in 2017 has the best tight end in football. He does it all, but is an elite receiving threat and has some of the best dance moves in the league.


Lane Johnson, Andrew Whitworth, Daryl Williams

Lane Johnson protected Carson Wentz and the Eagles backfield and helped them lock down a first round bye

Andrew Whitworth helped lead Todd Gurley to 2000 all purpose yards and kept Goff upright and helped him shed his “first round bust” title.

Daryl Williams is a staple of Carolina’s line. He’s a big reason Cam Newton has all the space to make the plays he makes.


Kyle Long, Marshall Yanda, David DeCastro

Kyle Long has paved the way for back to back Jordan Howard 1000 yard campaigns. The Bears running game was one of the lone bright spots during a weak season, and Long was key to that.

Marshall Yanda has blocked for a number of Ravens running backs and they always have success. The Ravens have a knack of taking running backs from other teams and turning them into workhorses for the Raven offense. Yanda is a big reason for that success.

David DeCastro is a Bellevue native that has been holding down the Steelers offensive line since 2012. Paving the way for LeVeon Bell and the third best rushing offense this season.


Mike Pouncey, Max Unger, Jason Kelcy

Mike Pouncey plays on some bad Dolphins teams, but his play deserves to be recognized. He always steps his game up no matter how bad the team performs around him.

Max Unger took his services to New Orleans and this season that run game was the talk of the town. Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram are the best duo in football and it isn’t even close. Unger is the quarterback of that line, he sets his backs up for success with calls and runs guys into the ground once the ball is hiked. As a Hawks fan, I miss him.

Jason Kelcy is a reason why the Eagles can use four running backs with success. The Eagles will lean on their running backs on offensive lineman during the post season after the Carson Wentz injury.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown, Adam Thielen, Larry Fitzgerald, Deandre Hopkins

Antonio Brown is simply the best pass catcher in football. He should be in MVP running. After missing the last two games he still had over 100 catches and 1100 yards. Hopefully he’s fully healthy during for the post-season.

Adam Thielen is consistence personified. Guarenteed to get at least three catches a game. He was Case Keenums safety net all season long averaging 14 yards a catch to a tune of over 1200 yards.

Larry Fitzgerald is old and had another season of mediocre quarterback play and he still went over 100 catches and 1000 yards receiving. He’s a true great at the position and he needs some love for not going quietly into the night and keeping Father Time at bay for another season.

Deandre Hopkins balls out always. No matter who throws him the ball and or who covers him, he makes plays that any football fan’s jaw hang. His signature red gloves always come down with the ball. It will be exciting to see what he does with full off-season with rookie Deshaun Watson.

Slot Receivers

Nelson Algholor, Jarvis Landry

Nelson Algholor came of a bad year in 2016 and shined from the slot position in 2017. He doubled his career receiving yards after this season and scored eight touchdowns.

Jarvis Landry has played four years in the NFL and already has 400 catches and over 4000 yards receiving. He’s consistent, tough, explosive and durable. A constant bright spot in a recently dim lit Dolphins franchise.


Jake Elliot, Justin Tucker

Jake Elliot is a rookie. He only missed five field goals on the year and kicked five field-goals over 50 yards including a 61 yarder.

Justin Tucker is ice cold. He loves pressure and it shows, he never misses game winning kicks and put in another great statistical year for the Ravens.


Tyler Lockett, Adoree Jackson, Pharoh Cooper

Tyler Lockett was third in the league for kick off return yardage this year. He kept us in the playoff run this season with his return score against the Cardinals in week 17.

Adoree Jackson is a jack of all trades for the Tennessee Titans. Punt returner, kick returner and corner back, this kid is a pure athletic freak. He finished top ten in return yards this year.

Pharoh Cooper lead the league with over 1200 return yards and a kick return touchdown. The Rams special teams is the best in the league, and Cooper is one of the best at setting up the offense in good field position.


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