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Perfect for Halloween: Scary Strain Names

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kushmart weed everett path panda ogre og

Phat Panda – Ogre OG

If Shrek is correct in saying that an ogre is like an onion, than this strain is appropriately named—because it’s as pungent as can be! Phat Panda’s skunky, lemon-scented sativa leaning hybrid pairs perfectly with a haunted house or corn maze, as it’ll provide energy to run from the ghosts and ghouls. But be warned, this strain is saturated in trichomes potent in THC, which means wandering in a maze may lead to both confusion and exhaustion. At least you’ll get that work out in!

kushmart weed everett clandestine gardens

Clandestine Gardens – Ghost OG

One puff of the Ghost OG will send any stoner floating down the hallway to the kitchen to satisfy the munchies! Indica dominant and with in-your-face effects, this bud is serious business, and best left for more experienced consumers. This sweet-and-sour strain has a strong, heady high and influences the user to chill as opposed to being active. Make sure you have snacks at hand, because after a few bong rips, you might wind up walking through walls.

kushmart weed everett leef

Leef – Jack Skellington

Although better known for his association with The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King, and therefore also related to Halloween. This genotype is known to be spicy and earthy, as if it had been six feet under just before being smoked. Like Jack and his jangly bone dances, Leef has created a strain that impacts an uplifting buzz which provides feelings of euphoria without being too overwhelming. Toke on this potent pot while you’re watching the classic movie and you’ll be singing along in no time.

kushmart weed everett fireline

Fireline – White Nightmare

With Fireline, Blue Dream and White Moonshine meet to make a citrusy 50/50 hybrid. The cerebral side is elevating, and promotes feelings of excitement and bliss, while the indica side makes the body hum with sensory experience. At over 20% THC, the only real nightmare potential here is someone jacking your weed, so remember to store your cannabis smartly!

kushmart weed everett spark relax

SPARK – Hades Haze

This Haze crossbreed has been subject to a lot of breeder secrecy, leaving an impression of intrigue and mystery. In a hellish mood? This 70/30 indica will knock the villain right out of you! After smoking this earthy strain you’ll be ready to destress and yoga out, letting go of the troubles of yesterday.

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