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Kushmart North is proud to partner with Phat Panda to bring exciting flavors to our shelves. What began as a small-scale operation has branched into one of Washington’s’ most premier cannabis suppliers. Phat Panda has become a household name in cannabis cultivation with over 500 partners across the state to deliver their top-shelf products. We are excited to be among those partners and help you to navigate all of the delicious options the brand has to offer.

Phat Panda Brand Favorites at Kushmart North

Phat Panda Flower

Phat Panda pairs state-of-the-art tech with personal passion and innovative techniques to constantly challenge themselves and elevate the cannabis space. We’ve curated a Phat Panda Phlavor index to help you pick your next product. Check it out or come in and see us for some personal recommendations.

Phat Panda Brand Favorites at Kushmart North
Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 is a potent strain from Phat Panda. As a hybrid strain, it offers a potentially well-balanced experience that starts slow but builds to something spectacular. This strain might be best enjoyed with others because of its ability to enhance any mood. LP9 is a potentially arousing high that will leave you ready for more after each toke. The team at Phat Panda has developed this strain into a powerful potion ready to help you long into the night.

Phat Panda Brand Favorites at Kushmart North

Grape Cream Cake PreRoll

Packed into this powerful pre-roll from Phat Panda is your new favorite strain. Grape Cream Cake combines the potency of Ice Cream Cake with the aroma of Grape Pie Wedding Crasher to deliver a knockout pre-roll. This is an Indica leaning hybrid but you won’t find yourself glued to the couch. Grape Cream Cake potentially offers intense physical relaxation and an out-of-this-world mental clarity and calm. The combination of these potential effects might have you staying in and enjoying your favorite snacks on the couch.

Double Durban Diva PreRoll

For those who are fans of true OG noses on their flower, Double Durban Diva is a cut above. Phat Pandas cross of Grape Durban and Trophy Wife make Double Durban Diva an uplifting joyride. Double Durban Diva is known for potentially putting your mind on cloud 9, while leaving your body firmly grounded. This 1g preroll is a high THC strain with an original OG nose and smooth finish. You’ll find a hint of ripe grape flavor complemented by the earthy Durban taste. Double Durban Diva may be ideal for those looking to experience potentially blissful muscle relief coupled with a euphoric head high.

Phat Panda Brand Favorites at Kushmart North

WA Apple Mac Firecracker

WA Apple Mac is an experience all its own. Not just a pre-roll, this is a certified Firecracker of flavor and potency. Phat Panda has taken the fan-favorite Apple Mac flower and paired it with kief and oil to create an explosion of flavor. The WA Apple Mac Firecracker is created using top-shelf flower. Alongside Washington Apple Oil and a blend of Kief this is a tasty treat you can enjoy alone or together. Although Apple is in the name, you may also find yourself smelling hints of earth and diesel with the citrus terpene profile.

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