A Real Review of Captain Chronic's Pink Siberian Strain

A Real Review of Captain Chronic’s Pink Siberian

Pink Siberian from Captain Chronic is a fluffy indica hybrid from unknown origins. Ripping open the gram bag, refreshing pine and sweet evergreen aromas filled my nose. Each flower was fluffy and sprinkled with trichomes. The smell and look together reminded me of frost covered pine needles during a cold mornings in the Washington wilderness.

Stuffing the gram in my grinder you see how fresh this batch was, it stuck to the teeth and took multiple rotations to grind it up. The single gram filled over half my grinder, The high you get from Pink Siberian is definitely indica. This one relaxes your brain and makes you singularly focused. Use this strain to relax during your Winter break Netflix binge. After ripped a few bowls and I melted through six episodes of Stranger Things 2.

Pink Siberian

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 24.32%
  • Total CBD: 0.09%

Pink Siberian Overview

  • Indica-hybrid
  • Genetics: Unknown
  • Aromatics: Sweet evergreen and pine.
  • Flavor: Earth, wood and pine.

Pink Siberian


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