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The all night New Year’s Eve party doesn’t necessarily have to be at a club or bar. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house to have an unforgettable celebration. But of course we say this in jest, because you’ll want to get out of the house to properly wave goodbye to 2016 and welcome in the brand new year that awaits with our most talked-about pot strains for New Year’s Eve.

You can end up at so many cool parties this year on New Year’s Eve in Everett. In fact, these folks had some much fun at Everett locations, they wrote about them here.

But first. We oh-so-subtly encourage you to visit KushMart99, the most promising Everett weed shop, for the goods. We can even recommend some stellar New Year’s Eve party strains they have available right now.

Banana Kush Flower Joint by Top Shelf is an Indica-dominant hybrid that will inspire you to strike up conversations with old friends and help make new connections in the most festive of party atmospheres, or, the same applies if you find yourself in a dive bar on a dead end street. A few rips of Banana Kush and you may turn into the life of the party.

Pot Strains For New Year's Eve - Go All Night LongRomulan is a legendary strain that originated as an Indica but time has spawned many hybrid variations. In fact, “experts” postulate over time sativa genetics have been blended in to produce some of the noteworthy cerebral effects. You may find yourself in Deep Space 9 with a full body high kicker, so the Romulan strain may be best imbibed at the end of the night. The Romulan available at our favorite Everett pot shop is by Phat Panda.

Cookies and Cream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will keep you upbeat, euphoric, giddy and giggly for hours once its energizing high creeps up. Any pre-party tension or jitters will melt away as the new year is ushered in – in a wave of bliss. Cookies and Cream is available from Honu at this outstanding Everett marijuana shop. Explore the full KushMart Everett Menu here.

If your travels take you to Seattle, here is a list of parties to crash – visit the Seattle New Year’s Eve party list here.

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