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The Primo Piece Turns Any Bottle Into A Fully Functional Bong

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The Primo Piece is an innovative take on a common smoking method, the bong. It’s a device that turns a bottle into a bong. It comes in a sleek black box. When you open it, two panels unfold, one with a straw and the other with directions.

The piece is self-explanatory, put the straw in the slot and secure the Primo piece to a bottle. The straws’ pointed edge is inserted into the bottom of the Primo, while the round end goes into the water. I cleaned the first bottle I could find and secured the Primo. It forms a tight fit with the bottle. It feels secure and doesn’t feel like separate pieces in your hand.

The bowl is the silver cap. It also forms a tight fit, maybe a little too tight. It makes for a clumsy carb. Upon using it some more I realized having it partially raised before smoking made carving easier. The bowl is small, so I recommend grinding the weed up so you can pack a flat even bowl. This allows better airflow, making burning a bowl in one hit relatively easy. It smokes just like a bong should.

“Constructed from plastic and medical grade anodized aluminum, Primo is light-weight, durable, and ready for your next adventure. Simply insert the straw (included), add water to the bottle, attach your Primo, and enjoy”

If you hate leaving home without a bong, this could easily be thrown into your backpack during a road-trip. It’s lightweight and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. It looks easy to clean and fits on nearly any bottle you’re likely to buy at Seven Eleven on your way out of town. This piece won’t  break your bank at $40-$60.

If you only smoke at home there isn’t much need to add something like this to your collection other than novelty. If you’re constantly on the move, this could become an invaluable tool for smoking cannabis on the move. This could become the go-to piece for camping trips and hiking expeditions. You won’t have to worry about breaking glass during a trip or packing something that needs a giant carrying case to avoid damage.

Primo piece


Strains To Test The Primo Piece With

Lemon Cake by Cultivar Farms

This strain combines Lemon Skunk and Cheese into a sweet sativa. The high is energetic and focused, great for staying active.

Primo piece

Lemon Cake smells like lemon cake frosting.

Lucky Charms by Captain Chronic

This strain is a high CBD strain that won’t get you too stoned during your adventure with sub-8 percent THC numbers. This sativa-hybrid strain is a good way to take a slight edge off mentally and physically without anything more.

Primo piece

Lucky Charms is a fruity CBD strain.

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