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Check out these product and strain recommendations from KushMart.

Blueberry Pre-Rolls

I’m starting to hop back on the pre-roll bandwagon. Last weekend at Capitol Hill Block Party, I picked up a few blueberry pre-rolls.

I popped the cork and the smell of blueberries wafted into my nostrils. After the first couple hits, I wasn’t questioning the potency. Licking your lips in between hits you can taste the blueberry. This strain got me stoned right away, and it lasted for a few hours with just one joint.

I would recommend these for festivals or a day off in the sun. Make sure your to to-do list is clear, these blueberry pre-rolls are powerful.

I would recommend GaGa Extracts infused Pre-rolls because they will be potent and tasty. GaGa is a brand I’m familiar with and they always have top-shelf products.

Blueberry Mister Twister  1g Pre-roll Single for $13


This is by far the most surprising strain on the list, and in a good way. It’s one of the tastiest strains I’ve ever tried. From the smell to the flavor it reminded me of fresh buttery biscotti cookies. The buds were dense and a pale green covered with dark purple veins and small orange hairs.

This strain is an indica-dominant and it had me couch locked and relaxed for the night. I recommend this strain for relaxing after a stressful day at work, and pain relief. When I was smoking Biscotti, I realized how much relief it brought to my neck and shoulder injuries that I’m dealing with.

strain recommendations


Biscotti by Royal Tree Garden’s 3.5 G for $50

Super Lemon Haze

This is essential sativa strain. It has a pungent tangy smell that’s as distinct as they come. It’s a very sticky strain and is probably best smoked in glass. The nug structure is fluffy and is covered in long, bright orange hairs.

This strain is best for partnering with long physical activities like yard work, running or hiking. It will keep you focused on the task at hand and take away the monotony of boring house chores or a grueling work out.

strain recommendations

Super Lemon Haze by Northwest Cannabis Solutions 3.5 G for $30 & 14 G for $120

Cookies N Cream

I’ve smoked this strain in flower and concentrate form because I enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed the sweet smell and smooth smokability of the strain. It smelt sweet, tasted smooth and was never harsh on my throat.

This is a balanced hybrid that I would recommend to for a multitude of uses: Cooking, creating content, and gaming were all elevated by this strain.

strain recommendations

Cookies N Cream by Northwest Cannabis Solutions 1 G for $12 and 3.5 G for $40

Cookies N Cream Pre-rolls by Washington’s Best 8 Pack for $30

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