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These Are The Rappers Who Have Their Own Weed Strains

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There’s rapper weed strains coming from every genre of hip-hop in the game. Check out the best ones from Riff Raff, Berner, Wiz Khalifa and more.

Wiz Khalifa – Khalifa Kush

The real Khalifa Kush might not be available to anyone but the Wiz himself, according to Leafly, but the strains that claim the name usually resemble a OG Kush descendant with pine, earth and citrus aromatics.

THC Farms – Rapper Kush

Rapper Kush is an exclusive strain from THC Farms. This Tacoma based farm is designed for the hip hop communities love of dense kushy flower. Rapper Kush is a woody kush that looks like a snow capped Washington mountain, Culture Magazine reports. This strain will put the entire crew on the same level or take you above the rim if you’re smoking solo.

Mr. Criminal – Crime Family Cannabis

This MC hailing from South-Central Los Angeles is know for his catchy and raw Mexican rap. He’s expanding his reach into Washington’s cannabis industry. Crime Family Cannabis is aimed towards cannaseurs and veteran smokers. Expect to see their full line of flower, concentrates and dab pens on store shelves in 2018.

Daz Dillinger – D.P.G Budz

Daz Dillinger from the legendary Dog Pound hip hop group paired with Seattle’s Private Reserve to create one of a kind product. Moon rocks and meteorites are Dillinger’s collaborations with SPR. It’s flower that has been coated in the best concentrates SPR can muster.

B-Real – Tangie

Tangie is a sativa strain that gained notoriety in the 90’s, Leafly reports. B-Real from Cypress Hill own

s his own dispensary in California called Dr. Greenthumb. His version of Tangie took 3rd place at the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2015, The Cannabist reports. Tangie is a citrus lovers dream, with tangerine and orange soda aromas and a fruity flavor.

Snoop Dogg – Snoop’s Dream

This is the result of crossing Master Kush and blue dream. This flower produces large yields with a berry-riddled kush terpene profile that even the Doggfather himself can’t resist. One of our favorite Snoop’s Dreams comes from Treehawk Farms in Washington state. Yielding around 5+ pounds per light, this strain is potent, tasty, and worth testing this holiday season.

Paul Wall – Satellite OG Kush

Paul Wall is a rapper from Houston, who many know as the “grillz” guy. Wall still sells diamond teeth, but he’s got a few other business ventures now, including his own strain of weed called Satellite OG, per Forbes. This indica will relax your body and boost your mood. The aromatics resemble candy pine, according to Leafly.

Dizzy Wright – Dizzy OG

Former stoner king of Funk Volume, Dizzy has carved out a successful solo career. Dizzy still smokes, and smokes TOUGH. His strain is designed for stoners like himself. Competent smokers with high tolerances that can blaze all day. Dizzy OG is a sweet OG Kush that will induce sedation among novices or with heavier doses, Leafly reports.

Freddie Gibbs – Freddie Kane OG

Freddie Gibbs is a rapper from Gary, Indiana. His Freddie Kane strain is described as  “euphoric, tranquilizing and analgesic.” This strain hits like an OG Kush, but with more intensity and longer lasting effects, per Cannabis Chronicles. 

Riff-Raff – Lamborghini Leg Lock/Red Carpet Kush

Riff Raff partnered with the same company that helps with Khalifa Kush for Wiz Khalifa. Lamborghini Leg Lock is an indica and Red Carpet Kush is a sativa. Both strains are appropriately named for the Neon Icon.

Berner – Girl Scout Cookies

Berner has the most popular and successful cannabis collaboration in the game with the Cookies Family. The Cookies Family are the originators of Girl Scout Cookies and other Cookies strains such as Sunset Sherbert, Gelato and Cherry Pie. These hybrids are respected around the world because of their one of a kind terpene profiles. Cookies has become a brand on its own with a full merchandise line. These days, we are hard pressed to find someone who has smoked weed, that hasn’t smoked cookies or at least heard of it in passing.

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