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X-Tracted Laboratories is the processor behind Refine Seattle, known for their loud and live resin concentrates.  Refine only collaborates with Washington’s best cannabis producers. Gold Leaf, Burnwell, Green Valley Society, Lifted Cannabis Co., Exotic Genetics just to name a few.

Powerful genetics combined with X-Tracted Laboratories meticulous standards makes the loud resin, Refine Seattle’s flagship concentrate. The small black box with bold blue font can be seen on the top shelf in recreational dispensaries in Washington and medical dispensaries in New England. Search X-Tracted to find their products in a location nearest you and for frequently asked questions. Their extraction methods are advanced and it might take some research to find a product that fits your desired experience.

Refine Seattle

Live Resin

Live Resin is made by freezing the plant directly after harvest and freezing it before it’s processed. The result is a robust floral dabbing experience that is brilliantly bright like the artwork that adorns their jars.

Loud Resin

The loud resin is created by extracting plants that are at the highest point of resin production. Similar to the live resin process but with a different blend of solvents to get the “loudest” terpene profiles possible. Loud and live resin are similar but don’t confuse the tw0. Both have unique effects and Refine recommends doing side-by-side live and loud resin comparisons with the same strain.

Double Dipper

Refine’s double dipper is a cannabis connoisseurs dream. Similar to their Amplified line (see below,) you’re getting half loud resin and half of their fully activated distillate. This allows the consumer to search for a super specific cannabinoid profile. You’re going to get rich terpene profiles with the distillates heavy effects.



Loud Resin plus cannabis-derived terpenes is how the Amplified line is created. This allows the X-Tracted team to play with flavor profiles and combine your favorite terpene profiles for limitless combination possibilities.

Mixing their live resin and distillate allows for flavorful terpene profiles paired with increased medicinal effects from their distillate. They can further play with flavors and effects by mixing strains. It makes for a once in a lifetime dab.

Refine Cartridge Tech

Refill Accessory 

X-Tracted’s version of a vape-pen,. this discrete device can be loaded with your favorite Refine concentrates for on-the-go dabbing.

Vapor Cartridges

Pure hash oil that comes in a variety of strain flavors. Each one comes with full terpene profiles to increase customer knowledge.

 Glass Cartridges

The same pure hash oil encased in a higher quality glass cartridge. These also come in limited strain flavor runs.

Disposable Cartridges

Perfect for road trips or if you’re from out of state. This is all the quality of an X-Tracted concentrate in a fully disposable vaping unit.

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