Exotic Cookies strain

A Real Review of Refine’s Exotic Cookies Strain

It’s getting harder and harder to choose all of the cookies strains you see on the shelves. It’s difficult to go back to strains I like because there are new ones being released regularly. Moon Cookies, Nightmare Cookies and the one I decided to try, the Exotic Cookies strain from Exotic Genetics are processed by Refine.

The strain was a mystery, but the quality was evident through the glass. Notable crystal granulates caked to the side of the jar. Popping open the lid, you get a cutting lemon cake smell with a pinesol bite.  This stuff is dense, I was getting great effects and flavor from small dabs. The taste is hard to explain, but it’s sweet and sour at the same time.

You get a strong hybrid high from this strain. This one made me want to move, so I went for a walk and listened to a podcast. This strain was very spacey, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have deadlines to meet.  Take a dab of this and just let your mind wander.

Exotic Cookies strain

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total THC: 78.07%
  • Total CBD: 1.02%



  • Hybrid
  • Genetics???
  • Aromatics: Lemon cake and pinesol.
  • Flavor: Sweet lemon and sharp pine.

Exotic Cookies strain

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