Remember Face

Indica Strains To Enjoy Seattle Hip-Hop Duo Remember Face

Andrew Savoie and Chimaroke Abuachi joined forces as Remember Face, an abstract hip-hop duo that is known for their trippy and hallucinogenic sounds productions. I’ve been listening to Seattle hip-hop for six years and I’ve never heard anyone quite like this duo. Heavy lyricism invokes visions of superheroes clashing with super-villains in a dark-grey and rainy Pacific Northwest. Their self-titled album is free on Bandcamp, but you should throw them a few bucks for their hard work. “Invaders” featuring veteran Seattle MC Phil Harmonic is worth your money alone.

Remember Face’s trippy vibes are a good match for a heavy indica strain. KushMart has plenty of options, but we recommended a few of our favorites below.

Remember Face on SoundCloud

Indica Strains On KushMart’s Menu

  • GDP, Phat Panda, $140 per 1/2
  • Bubba Kush, Rogue Ravens, $10 per gram
  • Primus, Sweetwater Farms, $12 per gram, $40 per 1/8
  • True OG, Grass Monkey, $7 per gram
  • Alien Dawg, Grass Monkey, $10 per gram
  • Banana Kush, Pingston Creek, $25 per 1/8

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