Dutch Banner

A Real Review of Elevate’s Dutch Banner Pull and Snap

Pull and snap is a form of shatter, but more unstable. Meaning that it’s pliable at room temperature and if you cool it a fridge or freezer it will break (like shatter.) With Thor Ragnarock dropping this week, it’s a good week to smoke some Bruce Banner, or in this case, the Dutch Banner.

Dutch Banner is Bruce Banner crossed with powerful Dutch Treat. Dutch Treat has unknown genetics, but is a strain that is rumored to be cultivated in the pacific northwest. Both of these strains bring a long lasting creative buzz. Dutch Treat is known as a racy strain, which in my experience is a trait associated with paranoia. Bruce Banner levels out the Dutch Treat and the resulting high for me was a body tingling hybrid with consistent waves of focus and creativity.

This aromatics and taste is subtle. Sweet floral notes with hints of sweetness or sugar. Take a few dabs of this to really get the flavor, it’s subtle and light, but none the less tremendous.

Dutch Banner Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • THCA: 77.61%
  • Total THC: 72.02%
  • Total CBD: 0.18%
  • CBDA: 0.21%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 85.13%


Dutch Banner Overview

  • Bruce Banner: sativa hybrid
  • Dutch Treat: sativa hybrid
  • Bruce Banner Genetics: Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush
  • Dutch Treat Genetics: Unkown
  • Dutch Banner Aroma Profile: Sweet or sugary flowers
  • Dutch Banner Flavor Profile: A light and sweet taste that is reminiscent of flower.

Dutch Banner


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