Sean Taylor

Remembering Legendary Redskin’s Safety Sean Taylor With Kimbo Fire Sugar Resin

10 years ago the world lost a legendary football player and human being. Sean Taylor died after sustaining a fatal gunshot wound in his leg. He was defending his daughter and girlfriend inside his Florida home. He ‘s remembered as a potential Hall of Fame caliber player if his career weren’t cut short.

Several current NFL safeties wear Taylor’s signature number 21 in his honor. Green Bay Packer Ha Ha Clinton Dix and Landon Collins of the Giants wear number 21, D.J. Swearinger of the Redskins wears number 36, Taylor’s rookie number, the Chicago Tribune reports. Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor feels Taylor’s spirit is with him for every big hit, interception, and momentum changing play.

Taylor’s career was short-lived, but the reverberations from his soul-shattering hits are still impacting NFL safeties. Enjoy some cannabis and watch these highlights. I will never forget the hit he laid in the Pro Bowl against a punter. The Pro Bowl is supposed to be a goof, everyone is expected to play at half speed and just collect a check. Unfortunately for the safety, that wasn’t Taylor’s game. The AFC team called a fake punt to the punter. As he turned up the sideline nearing the first down, Taylor came flying at the ball carrier at 130 percent speed and basically killed Brian Mooreman,

Current defensive backs are still trying to emulate Taylor unique combination of calculated violence, and it’s absolutely worth remembering. Take some Kimbo Fire sugar resin dabs. This sugar resin has a refreshing citrus pop that will leave you stoned for hours.

Sean Taylor’s Story and Highlights

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