Pineapple Dream

Listen To New Seattle Hip-Hop With Pineapple Dream From GreenRush

Pineapple Dream is a sweeter indica leaning version of Blue Dream. It’s Blue Dream crossed with Pineapple OG. It has a notable sweet taste. After each hit of the joint, I could taste pineapple remnants on my lips. Treat your pallet with this sweet tasting flower and treat your ears with some new music from Nick Weaver and the KnowMads.

Weaver released a new track while he’s waiting to go back on tour in Europe. An experimental instrumental production that focuses on sound over lyrics.

The KnowMads followed up their Harry Fraud collaboration (featured on with another single. Cold Brew is over three minutes of bars. This one is for the hardcore fans. Tom Pepe puts his skill on display, spitting bars reminiscent of his younger and darker years, but without the darkness. Switching from drug to coffee has uplifted his spirits and the lyrics have followed.



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