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September Top Products: Millennium Extracts, Top Shelf Premium Cannabis, Cannabis Quencher

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Sure, the new year won’t officially start until January first. But so much happens in September, the month always feel like a new beginning. Oscar-season movies start hitting screens, students head back to school, the Seahawks are on the field again, and fall favorites return to television. It’s an exciting time of year, and everyone at KushMart knows how important is it to enjoy these crisp days before the holiday madness is upon us.

So our friendly budtenders have picked out some great product that’ll help you get the most of autumn in the Northwest! Swing by Everett’s best marijuana shop and check them out yourself soon!


Millennium Extracts — White Nightmare and 9LB Hammer Oil

This month, we’re featuring two killer concentrates from one of our favorite vendors, Millennium Extracts. In the sativa corner, we have White Nightmare, which weights in at 67.5% THC, 12.2% Terpenes, and 69.4% Total THC. Featuring cherry and berry elements, White Nightmare is anything but  a nightmare to smoke, and its sweet flavor and uplifting effects will keep you wide awake and ready for a hike, bike ride, or hard session at the gym.

As the name suggests, sweet, earthy 9LB Hammer is a sedative strain perfect for binge-watching and fully enjoying the gravitational pull of your couch. This 71.5% THC, 5.68% Terpenes, 72.6% Total THC. This will also take nap time to another level.


Top Shelf Premium Cannabis — Grand Daddy Purp

As you’d expect, our budtenders are constantly learning about different strains of marijuana. And everyone was impressed with the super-sweet, impossibly sticky buds of Top Shelf’s Grand Daddy Purp, which comes in at 21.4% total cannabinoids. We think it’s one of the best indicas we’ve ever come across.


Cannabis Quencher — Strawberry Lemonade

The trees might be changing, but one sip of Cannabis Quencher’s delicious strawberry lemonade concoction, and you’ll feel like you’re on a sun-drenched beach. This drink is 200mgs total and its 50-50 blend of THC and CBD makes it a perfect choice for when you’d like your euphoria balanced with a nice body buzz.

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