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KushKrew Recommendations For Your Seven Gram Concentrate Limit

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Many people don’t know that there are cannabis possession limits in the state of Washington. Just because weed is legal in the state doesn’t mean there aren’t rules that need following. There is a seven-gram concentrate limit. You can only buy and possess seven-grams at a time. The WSLCB created strict possession limits to deter black market sales and keep large amounts of product from pouring out of the state.

The KushKrew wants to help customers get the most bang out of their seven-grams, so we put together a list of seven concentrates you can find in the shop. You’ll also find other strain recommendations from that brand just in case we picked one that doesn’t meet your head stash qualifications.

Mammoth Labs

Grow Bros. and Mammoth Labs are operated out of Ellensburg Washington. Grow Bros. cultivates all of the cannabis and Mammoth Labs is the in-house concentrate laboratory. Their products have high terpene percentages and come in beautiful sugar, shatter, crumble, and sauce options. Their concentrates are $30 per gram at the KushMart South location.

Strain Recommendations: Headband, Gilz Nilz, Goro


Gilz Nilz


GreenRush is craft farm in the Snohomish Valley. They’re known for cultivating exclusive strains like Dr. Who, Purple Cat Piss, and Big City Lights. Their concentrate facility at the end of last year and have stepped up their concentrate operation. You can find their concentrates at $30-$40 a gram at either KushMart location.

Strain Recommendations: Orange McFly, Blue Rush OG, Pineapple Kush, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies


Sour Georgia Pine

The Sweet Collection from Sweetwater Farms

Sweetwater Farms pairs with Washington’s top extraction laboratories like Oleum Extracts and Amber Brick to create their top-shelf line of concentrates. The Sweet Collection is available at KushMart north for $40 a gram.

Strain Recommendations: Strawberry Lemonade, Pineapple Kush, Arcata Trainwreck, Cookie Wreck


Pineapple Kush honey crystal

Oleum Extracts Sugar Resin & Honey Crystal

Oleum Extracts might have the best reputation of any extractor in the state. Their sugar resin is cheaper and the honey crystal is a top-shelf option. Sugar resin runs for $35-$40 per gram and honey crystal is $50-$55. The reason for honey crystal’s increased price is because the process takes longer and creates a beautiful product and sparkles like wet diamonds.

Strain Recommendations: 501st Wedding Cake, Bubba Fire, Ghost Train Haze, Grape Island Skunk


Bubba Fire sugar resin

Bodhi High Concentrates

Located out of Spokane Valley, Bodhi High has a large presence on both sides of the mountains. The packaging gives the customer a full terpene and cannabinoid report wrapped in a beautiful light-colored box. The product inside is well worth the $30-$45 per gram price.

Strain Recommendations: Blue Dream. Blueberry Headband, Dutch Treat,  Kimbo Kush, Purple Trainwreck


Dutch Treat

Emerald Jane’s Rosin

The most expensive option on the list, rosin is a low-yield product that is created by applying extreme heat and pressure to flower or hash. EJ’s rosin runs $60 per gram, but you’re getting a pure product that represents their strains excellently.

Strain Recommendations: Emerald Cookies, Lemon Sour Diesel


Emerald Cookies

Millennium Extracts

Millennium has constantly increased their quality and consistency, but never their price. At $30-$35 per gram, you’ll never have to break the bank for a quality sauce or sugar.

Strain Recommendations: L.A. Cheese, Nana Pie, Blue Dream, Animal Sherbet, Gooberry


L.A. Cheese



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