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Snoop’s Dream Strain: Indica-Dominant Hybrid That May Relax & Inspire

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Snoop Dogg, who has reportedly only gone 164 days without smoking since his first puff, is a hip-hop and cannabis superstar that is so big that he has a strain named after him. The Snoop’s Dream strain, also known as Snoop’s Master Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid that may couch-lock you in a satisfying state of euphoria.

Continue reading to learn more about why customers think this rapper weed strain is as fire as the Doggfather’s music.

Snoop’s Dream Strain

Snoop’s Dream strain is made from the potent Blue Dream and Master Kush strains. These cultivars were used because they are reportedly two of the rapper’s favorite strains. The strain gets its good looks from its parents, sporting light-green, medium-sized dense buds covered in tiny orange hairs. 

Additionally, Snoop’s Dream contains around 21% THC, making it a super powerful and potent hybrid. Furthermore, the nugs have a sweet blueberry flavor with a piney aftertaste due to a large amount of the myrcene terpene present.

snoop's dream
snoop’s dream

Photo via Weedmaps

Snoop’s Dream Effects

While it affects the taste, the myrcene terpene is also responsible for the couch-lock effect this strain offers. Additionally, consumers of this strain also report that it makes them feel euphoric, creative, and happy.

As one can expect, this is not a beginner’s strain, but it is perfect for an OG smoker who can handle highly potent weed. Its potency makes it a potentially highly relaxing strain and many people who have smoked Snoop’s Dream say it helps with stress, depression, and anxiety.

“It is impossible to be sad after some Snoop’s Dream. Makes me feel very relaxed and happy, and also gives a very long and satisfying high, though it doesn’t overstay its welcome. This is my most favorite strain out there right now.”

Leafy Reviewer

Want to try it for yourself? Find it in-store at our Everett dispensary or pre-order Snoop’s Dream from our online menu here.

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