Sour Cookies

Sweet and Sour Cookies Strains To Liven Up Your Christmas Season

Cookies strains come is all sorts of flavors and you’ll find a bunch of them on KushMart’s  menu.  Sour cookies, sweet, fruity or savory. The cookies genetics have been mixed with almost any type of strain you can think of.

Sour Cookies Strains

Sour Cookies

This cross between Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies smells like it’s dripping with diesel. The sour notes over power the cookies, making it a must try for any Sour Diesel fans. This cookies strain is notably sativa, so pair this with your morning coffee and have a great time decorating your house for the holidays.

Pearl Scout Cookies

This strain by Fire Line is a sour zesty strain developed here in Washington. The taste is earthy and robust.


Chem Mint Cookies

This one is the combination of a Chemdawg phenotype and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is the sweetest of the sour cookies, but it still has notable chemical notes that make it worth the while for any Chemdawg or Cookies lover.

Sweet Cookies Strains

Cookies n Cream

This strain is subtle, crisp and sweet,  the result of breeding Starfighter with Girl Scout Cookies. It has some of the prettiest flower on the shelf. The dark accents and bright trichomes make each bud look dipped in frosting and rolled in sprinkles. This hybrid has a great body high and will sedate your mind

Frosted Cherry Cookies

An introspective combination of Cherry Cookies and The White. This one reminded me of fresh cut grass with hints of cherry pop-tarts.

Pink Cookies

This strain is not Wedding Cake, don’t let Leafly fool you. Pink Cookies is Girl Scout Cookies Crossed with Cherry Pie. A indica lovers dream, this one will knock you down a notch with a sweet kick behind it.



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