Strain Recommendations For Your Yearly Spring Cleaning

Strain Recommendations For Your Yearly Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning sucks, but it doesn’t have to. Cannabis is great for alleviating the mundane feeling chores and yearly spring cleaning can provide. Not everyone can be like my roommate, who wakes up giddy to clean messes from the previous night’s party or lives to try a new steaming attachment on the shower grout.

This list focuses on strains that provide some kind of motivational, productive, or cerebral high for the rest of us that hate cleaning.

Dutch Treat Trap Sack From Captain Chronic – 3.5 Grams $15

Grab an eighth for under $20 from Captain Chronic if you’re on a budget. Dutch Treat is a classic racy strain. Make yourself a little paranoid about your cleanliness standards and get to work.

Durban Poison From Sweetwater Farms – 3.5 Grams $40

Sweetwater Farms claims this is one of their most aromatic strains in the garden. They grow a rare phenotype of this classic strain that will boost you through any mundane activity you have on your long list.

Candyland From Sweetwater Farms – 3.5 Grams $40

You wouldn’t expect an uplifting offspring when breeding Grandaddy Purple with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, but that’s exactly what you get. These purple flowers will alleviate any foul mood associated with cleaning.

Atomic Orange From Oleum Extracts – 3.5 Grams $30

Known for their cannabis concentrates, Oleum grows a solid $30 eighth as well. These loud orange terpenes remind me of orange cleaning products and get me excited to exist in a spotless house.

Spring Cleaning Soundtrack

Bon Iver

Cardi B: “Invasion of Privacy”

Madeaux: “Burn”

Dead Phone Dummiez

Kayela J

Sam Lachow X Nacho Picasso

Travis Thompson 

Macntaj & Levitate – “Bang Out”

Zac Levine & Chase Miles: “What To Do” 

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