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Hey drift fanatics! Come on out to Evergreen Speedway to see some wild driving down at the drift track during this season’s Evergreen Drift Winter Series! But don’t forget to make a pit stop at the pot shop! Drop in and check out Kushmart Everett, they’re the best weed shop in Everett and they’ve got the widest selection of 21+ recreational marijuana around.Evergreen Drift

Drifting is a spectacle to behold. Screeching tires, howling motors, and lots and lots of smoke! Naw man, not that kind of “smoke”, I’m talking burning rubber! Visit for the Evergreen Drift winter series calendar, schedule of events, blog posts, galleries and more. There really isn’t much that compares with watching live action motorsports right before your very eyes. Tickets are modestly priced and certainly a deal for what is sure to be a memorable evening. Don’t forget to stock up at Kushmart Everett on your way there. Flower, edibles, pre-rolls, topicals they’ve got it all! Stop in at Kushmart Everett, easy to find off the I-5 or 99.

When I’m sitting ‘high’ up in the speedway grandstands, watching the cars go floating by on clouds of drift smoke, I’m focused on the action! And with sativas, I find that my focus can be even more intense. There are a handful of decent Everett pot shops but only one that has a selection of sativas like Kushmart Everett. A favorite sativa strain around here, Jack Herer comes on with a brilliant vibe, a great spectator bud! Even better might be a hybrid, the best of both worlds! Kushmart Everett has plenty of those too! Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that brings on both a crisp sativa experience and mellow indica mood. Drift on in to Kushmart in Everett and take a look. See you down at the racetrack!

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