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Three Best Places to Workout in Everett

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At Kushmart, it’s understood that weed and workouts go hand in hand. Sativa strains make a great pre-workout, while indicas and cbd cannabis products offer effects that feel great after a challenging fitness routine. Looking for the best places to workout in Everett? Try one of three listed below and stop by KushMart before or after to compliment your physical feats.

three best places to workout in everett PEAK fitness gym

PEAK Health & Fitness2902 Rucker Avenue, Everett, WA

PEAK is Everett’s premier fitness studio, located at Hewitt and Rucker Ave. Xfinity Arena is a few blocks East, while the Everett Shipyard is about the same distance westward. PEAK has 17,000 square feet to workout without feeling cramped – even on the weekends! This spot is favored by fitness freaks in the area for its local ownership and luxurious amenities, including the juice bar, massage services and tanning.

At PEAK Health and Fitness, there are six categories of scheduled fitness classes: cardio, conditioning, pilates (mat driven), studio cycling, yoga and zumba. Class etiquette recommends that you turn off your cell phone before entering the room and leave your shoes outside of the studio. Conditioning and cardio classes have variations like Cardio and Weights, which combines the two for increased endurance, or try Kickboxing for a workout packed with kicks and punches.

KushMart is less than three miles away from this popular and convenient fitness center. Stop by and ask our knowledgeable budtenders what sativa strains work best as a pre-workout or which topicals offer the best post-workout soothing effects.

three best places to workout in everett crossfit everett washington

Crossfit Everett1302 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA  98201

Crossfit is one of the trendiest fitness pursuits, with a peak of public interest in 2013. The philosophy of crossfit revolves around the concept and psychology of friendly competition. Exercises involve hardcore cardiovascular cycles combined with weights and a focus on endurance. All workouts are done in a group, and all shapes and sizes are welcome to join.

An enormous part of the crossfit mentality is that members are practicing together and motivating one another – this is the gym to attend if you are a transplant or just want to make more fit friends within the surrounding community. Sweating, grunting and even screaming are not only accepted but encouraged.

The crossfit community seems to push education, safety and procedure, so cannabis may not be the best pre-workout for this fitness style. However, a nice kush like the indica leaning hybrid Ghost OG by Clandestine Gardens can be a strain to unwind with after a long session at the gym. Just make sure to hydrate!

three best places to workout in everett bikram yoga power vinyasa yin hot yoga

Bikram Yoga Everett 520 128th St SW A10, Everett, WA 98204

Around five miles South of KushMart, Bikram Yoga Everett is a top of the line hot yoga studio specializing in Bikram-style asana flows. They also offer hot Power Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Core/Conditioning classes. This versatile fitness space is located conveniently within the same parking lot of Albertsons and Starbucks, and has numerous parking spots close by. Their introductory price is an astounding forty bucks for an entire month and there is no required entry skill level for any of the classes available.

It’s better not to have any heavy meals right before class, so you’ll be hungry after! Nearby eateries include All Rice Thai Hut, Echigo Teriyaki and Acropolis Pizza and Pasta if you want to walk off your yoga sweat and revitalize after all of that heat-induced calorie burning.

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 specific postures that are to be done in an order which increases circulation, vitality and flexibility. Power Vinyasa is also referred to as “flow” yoga; strengthening and lengthening asanas are held for a brief moment before transitioning steadily into the next–a procedure is known as “flowing.” This variation is the most cardio-heavy of the bunch. Core/conditioning classes involve a quick cardio warm-up and postures that use bodyweight training to tighten the core, while Yin Yoga is focused solely on flexibility, relaxation and finding one’s center. After a Yin class and a THC PM Capsule by Northwest Cannabis Solutions, you’ll go to sleep faster than you can say “Oooooooom.”

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