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Check out KushKrew’s Strain List To Enhance Valentine’s Day

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Check out this list of cannabis strains leading up to Valentine’s Day. Seven strains in seven days. These strains can be used to enhance any celebration you’re planning. Whether it’s dinner, Netflix and chill, some sex, or just another Wednesday night, one of these strains should do the trick.

Valentine’s Day Sativa

Strawberry Cough 

Strawberry Cough is a sativa that winds your brain up like a race car. A fruity earthy strain that gives you a strong focused head high. Great for burning the midnight oil with your lady or man.

Lemon Meringue 

This strain might get my vote for best tasting and smelling strain ever. It’s a sativa-hybrid cross between Cookies and Cream and Lemon Skunk. This flower has creamy lemons and pungent gassy skunk notes. It’s a mellow sativa hybrid that provides a warming cerebral buzz. This strain isn’t overwhelming, I think It would be great for Valentine’s Dinner.

Valentine's Day

Agent Orange

The Agent Orange strain was was silly and introspective. I recommend it for social activities and hanging out with the friends, perfect for your pregame Valentine’s Dinner smoke session.

Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day Indica

Purple Berry 

The Purple Berry strain is calm and relaxing with hints of berries in the smell. My body and brain throttled down quickly and it was easy to wind down after the workday. This strain is a nightcap strain. This one brings yo down quick and the effects pile on the more you smoke.

Valentine's Day

Mendo Afgoo 

Mendo Afgoo doesn’t have an exact genetic lineage. Many assume it’s some combination of Afghan, Gooey, and Mendocino strains. This strain is a strong indica that expresses some sativa qualities, Strong body-locking and pain-relieving properties and a subtle head high to go with it.

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“A cut I picked up from a friend called '#MendoAfgoo' on it's 22nd day in flower. This cut is currently under the initial stages of research and development as the next potential outcross for the F4 Blueberry stretch indica boy. Pollination process of the R & D seeds is currently underway. The plant has a christmas tree like structure and a gorgeous lush dark green color. The leaf structure looks very much like the popular cut of Blue Dream that's commonly circulated on the west coast. The aroma is complex so far but subtle and hard to pinpoint with hints of linalool and something else I can't quite put my nose on yet. Perhaps a light sour or sulfur skunk somewhere in there. Nevertheless, it smells and looks wonderful so far and I'm excited at the potential of this plant and cross.” -by #jd_short #cannabisbreeding #cannabis #dank #marijuanabreeding #frostynugs #nug #marijuana #420photography #420 #cannabisphotography #instaweed #710 #frosty #weedofinstagram #weedofig #weed #hightimes #djshort

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Valentine’s Day Hybrid


Harlequin is a sativa-hybrid strain that has potent CBD qualities. You’ll get more medical effects than psychoactive effects with this strain, which is good for people new to cannabis or with low tolerances. This strain is great for anxiety relief because of the high CBD percentages.Valentine's Day


This strain is delicious and effective. Biscotti offers a sweet buttery taste and a long lasting relaxing high. This strain offers a strong body high and euphoric mood-lifting effects.


Banana Split 

The Banana Split strain provides strong effects. A complex mix of focus and introspection. This flower is stunning to look at, and the lime and grape candy aromatics would make the perfect gift for any stoner love-bird in your life, spark a joint together and go down a rabbit hole.

Valentine's Day

Pineapple Kush

A fruity indica-hybrid, Pineapple Kush is Pineapple crossed with Master Kush. It has notable hints of pine and a nice indica thump with spacey effects.

Valentine's Day

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