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Tips For Choosing The Right Weed For You

Over the years, there have been three industry terms primarily used to identify each type of cannabis. Sativa (S), Indica (I), and Hybrid (H). Although these are not very accurate and in a way, it really dumbs things down, in order to choose the marijuana experience that is best suited for you, it’s important to understand each type.

Sativa and Indica typically produce specific types of effects depending on the specific strain. Some can give you crazy energy, unnerving anxiety, or even help with focus, while others can relax you into a coma, sedate you for hours on end, or make you hungry enough to eat everything in sight.

The hybrid is special because it is typically a blend or combination of Sativa and Indica strains.

Cannabis comes in different forms and many of them can bring about different kinds of effects that produce various types of highs. Think about how you might want to feel after consuming the marijuana. The best way you can identify which strain is right for you is by sharing your needs with shop staff.


Ask yourself if you want a boost of energy or if you want to feel stoned. Or maybe you need help managing anxiety or appetite. Depending on what want to do, the beautify of cannabis is that we can almost always find something that has been known to help.

Many people don’t actually smoke cannabis and saying you want to stay away from smoking is actually very helpful. Our team always suggests the creation of a strong relationship with your budtender. Once they can identify what kind of high you’re really looking for, a good budtender can dial in the right terpenes and flavor profiles. This will enable you to consistently smoke or use marijuana in the best and most effective way.


With an endless supply of cannabis flower, infused foods like candies, cookies, chocolates, and infused beverages, finding something tasty shouldn’t be too difficult. As long as you talk with a good budtender, you should be good. Communicating what products you’ve tried and whether or not they were successful is a huge part of learning which strains work best for you. When you’re talking to a budtender ask them what they’ve tried, how much they ate or drank, and what effects they experienced.

Cannabis hits everyone different and it’s important to extract as much information as possible out of the human selling to you.

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