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Groundhog Day with Everett's Best Pot Shop

Legend has it, if it’s cloudy on Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania — Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) will emerge from his den and spring will come early. We’re definitely ready for spring, so let’s get outside on February 2nd and help make some clouds. You know, for Phil. Pick up a few of your old favorite marijuana strains at Everett’s best pot shop, KushMart, and blaze up to bring spring on.

If hanging around outside smoking weed and waiting for Punxsutawney Phil isn’t your thing, that’s OK. Let’s face it — some of us are just more indoors-y. You can always pack a bowl and watch Bill Murray in Groundhog Day or just hope he crashes your party. But be sure to have a healthy stash on hand from your favorite Everett weed store in case he shows up. We hear he’s a hardcore stoner.

Our favorite strains to try again and again:

  • Two of our Blue Dream standby strains — Cyclops with a 22.8% THC level, and Liberty Reach with an 18.4% THC level — both start at just $10 for 1g.
  • We also keep going back to Gorilla Glue Fresh Productions with a 15.8% THC level at just $5 for 1g, and their #4 Doc & Crook with an 18.4% THC level at $10 for 1g.
  • For those days when our bank accounts are a little fatter, we like to stock up on Velvet Cush Clandestine with a 26.4% THC level at $20 for 1g, $60 for 3.5g, or $160 for 14g.

Looking for pre-rolled? This Everett marijuana shop has a great selection of your favorite weed strains. Get reacquainted with the Cherry OG .5g joint with a 19.7% THC level for $3. We also love the Machine Gun Pineapple Joint with a 44.8% THC level, and a 0.6% CBD level for $10.

Smoke these old favorites over and over again…and rediscover the possibilities. When you put the “recreation” in recreational marijuana, it’ll never feel like the same old same old.

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