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What are Weed Pens? Learn More About Vaping Cannabis

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Weed pens have become an increasingly popular way to smoke cannabis. This is mainly due to its ease of use, convenience, and discreetness. However, despite its popularity, many cannabis consumers and non-tokers alike are left wondering, “what are weed pens?”

There are many different names for weed pens. You may have heard terms such as dab pen, vape pen, weed vape, cannabis vape, cannabis pen, THC vape, THC pen, vapes, and more. However, the most popular names are weed pens and dab pens.

What are Weed Pens?

Weed pens are electronic vaporizing devices that hold cannabis oil for quick and easy consumption. Cannabis pens can either be two separate pieces, the cartridge or pod, and the battery, or they can be one piece, known as a disposable.

The cartridge, also known as a cart, screws onto the battery and acts as a chamber for the weed concentrate. This chamber can also be a pod, which will clip into the battery device.

The battery is what heats up the cartridge or pod; they are typically made of lithium-ion batteries and are rechargeable. Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and some also allow you to adjust the temperature.

The cartridge or pod also contains the mouthpiece where you inhale. Additionally, there is an atomizer inside that works with the battery to make the oil vaporize. The atomizer is commonly made of cotton wick, ceramic, or quartz.

Weed pens can also refer to dry herb vapes, such as a PAX. Though, this term is mainly used to describe the previously mentioned device.

what are weed pens
what are dab pens

Dab Pens at KushMart North

At KushMart North, we keep our shelves stocked with hundreds of vape cartridges and disposable cannabis pens from a variety of brands. A popular brand we carry is Airo, which offers both cartridges and disposable vapes. Furthermore, other popular vape brands we carry include Buddies Brand, Avitas, Artizen, Canna Organix, Crystal Clear, and many more.

Visit our online menu to browse our selection or head on over to our Everett dispensary to get recommendations from our knowledgeable budtenders.

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