Whether you’re an experienced dabber or rather prefer the traditional route of flower when consuming cannabis, rosin is an extract that is a must to try. Though there are nearly dozens of cannabis extracts, rosin is the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates because of its extreme purity. In fact, it is one of the purest forms of cannabis next to THCA. This is due to the method of extraction.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is created when avoiding the use of solvents or chemicals to extract and separate trichomes from the plant matter. Instead, it is extracted by using pressure and water. This delicate extraction method preserves a lot of the terpenes and cannabinoids in the plant.

There are two types of rosin, HSO (solvent-less hash oil) and live. Both use fresh cannabis that is frozen right after harvest; however, HSO uses flower or kief, while live uses bubble hash from freshly harvested flower (utilizing water to extract the bubble hash first). Extraction methods can vary by company, such as using ice water over regular water, which creates a range of different types of rosin.

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How to Consume Rosin

Since rosin is a concentrate, there are a variety of ways you can consume this form of cannabis. The most popular and standard way to consume this solventless extract would be by vaping it; this can be through a dab rig, nectar collector, or an electric vaporizer, such as a PAX.

Additionally, rosin can be consumed on top of flower, such as on a bowl or in a joint. However, this isn’t the most common or recommended method; the heat could destroy some of the terpenes which could limit the full benefits of the extract. Though, there are many types of infused pre-roll products that use this premium extract, such as Panacea’s Rosin Stix.

Furthermore, rosin can also be found in edible form because it is fully activated. This could be in traditional forms such as brownies, cookies, or gummies, as well as newer types of edibles such as THC syrup.

Prices & Where to Find Rosin

Because of its quality and meticulous extraction method, rosin is typically more expensive than the majority of concentrates. Local markets and regulations highly influence the price of rosin near you. In Washington, this solventless concentrate is typically found in dispensaries for around $30 to $100 plus per gram; the average sits around $60 per gram in WA. Whereas in Florida, a medical market, rosin is not found for any less than $70 per gram and typically goes for closer to $100.

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Rosin in Washington State at KushMart

Here in Everett, at the KushMart North dispensary, rosin ranges from $30 to $85 per gram. On the lower end, you’ll find our house hash rosin for $30 per gram before tax. This is available in strains such as Gooberry, Tasty Waves, and Wonka Cake.

Furthermore, other rosin brands that we carry include Knots, Kush Family Originals, No Mids, Bubbie’s Bubble, Gold Leaf Gardens, and Aloha Friday; with Aloha Friday on the lower end and No Mids on the more expensive side.

Head to our online menu or visit us in-store to purchase rosin in Washington State. We carry nearly two dozen different rosin products from various brands.

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